Aaron Wisken

Consultant & Coach

Qualifications: AoEC Diploma in Executive Coaching, AoEC Coaching Skills Certificate

Aaron is a results orientated, dedicated, exceptionally talented and qualified Executive Coach with six years experience as a Performance Consultant, coaching some of the most Senior Leaders across UK Finance. As a previous people leader himself, he has the credibility needed to work with leaders facing their own personal challenges and is highly capable, confident and enthusiastic at supporting his leaders to achieve their own desired goals. Aaron has also worked to support leaders transition and progress through their careers, navigate through the change and deepen personal resilience.


NatWest - Executively Coached in excess of sixty senior leaders across one of the UK’s largest banks, driving significant improvements across talent retention, employee engagement, customer service satisfaction and digital sales.

NatWest - Played an integral part in growing the success of the AI platform through leadership coaching at NatWest improving how the senior leadership team encourage autonomy, urgency and executed follow up for better, more seamless customer experiences.

Ulster Bank – Worked directly with the Branch Senior Leadership Team to lead through a restructure and work with significant budget restraints, whilst maintaining excellent customer service. Key work involved Group Learning, Executive Coaching and Performance Consultancy.

NatWest – Was responsible for leading a team of twenty employees, including setting my teams vision, managing absence, improving customer experience, and implementing the banks chosen Leadership Program of Cohen Brown.

Aaron Wisken

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