The most robust planning tool I have come across in all my years of producing corporate plans and I have since worked with Ian on a number of other strategic interventions and business plans, all of which have been successfully financed.


Strategy Creation Process

Our Innovative approach to strategy development provides a framework for the creation and implementation of a robust strategy for your organisation.


We use a highly participative approach to building strategy, working closely with you and your team to understand your organisation and your vision for its future.  This ensures that the different views people have of the future are captured and considered.


Working in this way ensures that we gain a clear understanding of where your organisation is today, where it will be in the future and how you will move it from where it is to where you want it to be.


These are the key elements that not only enable you to create a very robust strategy for your organisation but also plays a crucial role in implementing your strategic plan.


Our Process

The key to the successful development and implementation of business strategy can be found in the management of the following six key components.

1. Involve Key People

People – their knowledge and opinions – play a critical role in the strategy creation process.  Our strategic making process will involve key people in the organisation who have an interest in or input to the strategic future of the organisation.

2. Provide a Safe Environment

It is important that everyone involved with the strategy creation process gives their full and frank views about the organisation as it is and where it should/could be in the future.  Our process is designed to ensure that people feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings about the organisation

3. Obtaining Strategic Information

The information used in the strategy creation process is obtained from the key people in your organisation in one of two ways – workshops and/or one-to-one discussions.

The information is captured using a causal map which ensure that we not only capture content (words and statements) but crucially, the context in which they are made.  This also enables the strategy group to visualise the strategic options which ensures that everyone understands how their ideas, views and opinions interlink with those of others. 

4. Analyse the Strategic Data

The information gathered during phase 3 is likely to be complex.  This is deliberate as our process is designed to gather as much information as possible to help the formulation of the strategy.  We manage this complexity by using a computer system to analyse the data and identify the primary building blocks of the strategy model.  These include the key activates, outcomes, objectives and goals.

6. Refine the Emerging Strategy

Once the strategy model has been created, the next step in the process is for the strategy group to review the emerging strategy and continue to develop and refine it until consensus about the way forward for the organisation is reached.  Once the strategy is finalised, we can create a business plan that draws upon all of the information gathered during the process to set out how the organisation will move from where it is to where your team want it to be.

5. Create the Strategic Model

We use the information identified in our analysis of the strategic data to create a structured strategy model.  Understanding which activities (actions and projects) have the greatest impact on achieving the organisations agreed objectives, goals and aspirations enables the organisation to focus on what is important.  In addition, by linking activities to expected outcomes we create more focus on results which increases our chances of achieving our goals.

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