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"As an injection for the tired senior employee The Retread Programme is second to none.  The change was fantastic.”

Retread Programme

The objectives for this personal change programme are established prior to the programme so that they fit into the organisations goals.  These are discussed and agreed with the participant, their manager(s) and any other relevant parties.



It is usual for the Retread Coach to spend up to 1 day in the participant’s organisation several weeks prior to the main programme assessing the situation and the needs of the participant and of the organisation.  It is at this stage that objectives are agreed and an appropriate intervention devised.   Any pre programme work is usually initiated at this stage (e.g. 360 feedback or other types of feedback). The first half day of any Retread Programme is spent in assessment.  A personal history and career path are analysed and psychometric tests are used where appropriate.  This phase in the programme can concentrate on key areas of conflict, any blocks to progress due to past issues and strengths and weakness.  Although a programme may be planned in advance the assessment phase may highlight major areas for consideration and therefore change the coaching focus.  The flexibility of Retread is important as consultants concentrate on those skills which will achieve maximum benefit for the individual and organisation, and on those attitudes that are causing the greatest concern.  Key at this stage is often clarification of the way the participant is perceived by others and the effect their behaviours have on others.



The main part of the programme is usually a 3 day session at Taylor Clarke’s office in Glasgow.  We follow the following process:

  • Discovery

  • Agree the gap in where the participant is and where they need to be

  • Establish motivation to close the gap

  • Develop skills, techniques, approaches and mindsets to bridge the gap

  • Action plan to maintain the bridge

Development, as a result of the assessment phase, is tailored to individual needs by may cover areas such as:

  • Interacting effectively with others

  • Developing and motivating others

  • Building a strategic plan

  • Personal motivation

  • Managing change

  • Building and motivating a team

  • Interview skills

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Handling difficult people

  • Influencing skills

  • Strategic thinking

  • Leadership

  • Working effectively in a team

  • Presentation or media skills


Practise is encouraged where skills are concerned and video role play can be used throughout the programme to give continuous feedback on skills acquisition and to effect lasting behaviour change.  Where appropriate, actors may be used to add reality to case studies.  Invited guest or a panel of experts are sometimes used for the final coaching phase to test interview, facilitation, team or presentation skills.  Throughout participants are given significant support and are helped to understanding their impact on others and the organisation.  The key is to effect attitudinal change and give the participant a new effectiveness and increased fulfilment at work.  We adopt an adaptive change approach (Heifetz)


  • An ideal programme is 3 or 4 days development input.  The follow-up phase is important as it provides:

  • An opportunity for participants to carry out their action plan and reflect on its effectiveness

  • A short term focus for checking on behaviour change

  • A frank appraisal of what is working and what is not in terms of changing behaviour and attitude

  • A reappraisal of action plans to determine what skills are or are not in place

  • A top up on what had been learnt

  • Additional coaching in related areas

  • Assessment of the ROI of the programme


Sometimes it is helpful to carry out a second series of 360 interviews to help the participant evaluate how they have progresses as a result of the programme and add to the data for return on investment.  These are usually done through e-mail.


The programme has helped senior people to grow into new roles, accelerate their promotion, deliver on challenging change programmes and helped executives that were close to being forced to leave the organisation, being retained and promoted.  Those around participants have noticed dramatic changes ion the participants’ behaviour and attitude.  Participants have reported much increased motivation, fulfilment and satisfaction at work.  Here are few outcomes:


  • Participants was a high flyer with a FTSE 100 company who was struggling to bring people around him with him.  We reassessed his mental models around leadership and influencing and built a new approach that was highly engaging and resulted in him being put in charge of acquisitions for the company.  He is now seem as a real people person now

  • A Marketing Executive who was struggling to get her ideas listened to was helped to become much more engaging and practical such that she was able to build the company’s image dramatically

  • Participant was about to get fired with Retread as a last resort because of his lack of care for other people.  The participant changed their attitude becoming much more conscious of their impact on people.  The participant was subsequently promoted twice within a year

  • After being seen as a serious risk to the business in terms of staff grievances given his robust negotiating style being used to manage people, the participant became a role model for how to manage staff in a participatory way

  • A chief executive who had lost her motivation for the job was reinvigorated and her abrasive style moderated to engaging and energising

  • A unit director, who had lost the support of his staff during a major change, was able to reengage with his staff and involve them in the change in such a way that the major staff resistance was dissipated

  • A deputy head, who had failed to get the lead role in her organisation previously due to very poor presentation skills and self-esteem, was seen as an outstanding candidate two years later the post came up again and was appointed this time around

  • The Direct Reports of a Chief Executive all went through the programme with much better teamwork, stronger deliver of corporate goals and greater staff engagement and commitment.  Individuals indicated that they were more confident, decisive, thoughtful and effective as a result of their individual programmes

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