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Rethinking Leadership

Rethinking Leadership

A radical rethink of our leadership task in an increasingly complex world.

The discerning senior leaders we work with increasingly tell us of a gap in executive education: a gap in how to equip themselves to lead with confidence amidst the increasing uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of their organisations and the regional and global networks and markets in which they operate. In turn they are looking to explore, with senior peers, how they deal with the vulnerability and anxiety of leading in these environments.

We suggest that most conventional executive education and leadership development offerings promote ways of thinking about leadership and organisations that perpetuate organisational problems rather than solve for them. The dominant paradigm of organisation and leadership is based on the flawed assumption that the rules which govern the natural and physical sciences also apply to leading in dynamic human systems. Traditional leadership and organisation teaching emphasises 'one best way' approaches to leadership that combine control, hearts & minds and charismatic vision: the leaders we work with are telling us that these approaches are increasingly unfit for purpose.

We all operate from tried and trusted ways of thinking (let's call these 'mental models') and we adopt methods based on these that serve us well over the years. However, much of the time, the assumption that underpin these models are so ingrained that they fade into the background and, like a piece of legacy software, they run use rather than us running them.

This programme, designed for experienced executive level leaders, represents a radical departure from traditional executive education and leadership development programmes.

We begin by enabling you to surface your current ways of thinking about leadership and organisation and think critically about how well these continue to serve you in your leadership task. Over the rest of the programme we then offer:

  • A space to reflect on and define your signature presence as a leader;
  • 3 distinctively new lenses on leadership and organisation;
  • Opportunities to explore these in depth, using your real world business challenges, in a collaborative inquiry with a peer group of senior organisational leaders;
  • A range of practical approaches to intervene differently in the workplace;
  • 4 foundation capacities to help you develop greater personal mastery in your leadership and 5 ways of developing mastery in how to intervene in groups and across silos;
  • Experiential learning methods that provide opportunities to build these capacities in a peer group of senior leader learners;
  • Research focused core faculty who are skilled in facilitating depth learning and experiences business leaders in their own right.

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Making Connections - Rethinking Leadership Research Paper

Rethinking Leadership Research Paper

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