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Aligning culture and strategy.

Culture Change

At Taylor Clarke we help organisations to align their culture with their strategy in order to improve performance.

Company culture is a unique blend of values, behaviours and personality that define the way that employees work within a company. Many have said that culture eats strategy for breakfast but also kills innovation and stifles change.

At Taylor Clarke we work with clients to help them identify and implement actions that will evolve their culture to align with their overall business strategy. Our approach helps organisations to develop a common language and define their culture in a meaningful and clear way. As part of this work we support leaders to explore, take ownership, deliver, assess and finally; to measure results and realise the projected Return on Investment.  We also support organisations in their change management to help identify the cultural rocks on which change flounders.

The process starts with looking at how culture is directly linked to business performance and the existing culture and is then tailored to address the particular set of challenges identified.

Some of the kinds of challenges that we have helped our clients with in this area include (but are not limited to):

  • Helping clients implement change faster through removing cultural barriers
  • Helping leaders understand and appreciate the importance of their role in managing culture change.
  • Helping clients understand and prioritise the cultural factors that are behind innovation, service and quality performance issues.
  • Helping leaders and their teams change their behaviour to lead the way on cultural change.
  • Helping engage employees in shaping future culture.

Our process:
We work with senior management teams to help them  answer six key questions: 

  1. What kind of culture do we have now and why?
  2. What kind of culture do we need to transform performance and why?
  3. How can we lead the way with our own behaviour as individuals and as a team?
  4. Where are the bottlenecks and challenges that we can examine to deepen understanding of cultural barriers and enablers?
  5. What practices do we need to change to realign and embed the required culture?
  6. How do we change our organisational habits and ensure these changes stick?

Some of the tools used as part of the facilitation process:

  • 121 discussions.
  • Desk research.
  • Employee culture surveys.
  • Creating a people transition plan
  • Facilitated team workshops.
  • Transition workshops for those experiencing the change
  • Coaching.

Our interventions are developed in collaboration with the client to establish a bespoke approach. Typically we work with clients in partnership over many years.  Changes in external environments, strategy or employee survey insights are common and can result in implementing different measures to ensure culture still aligns with the company strategy. This means that our relationship with a client can be anything from three months to several years.

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Yemen LNG Company

Taylor Clarke were selected by Yemen LNG Company following an exhaustive and international competitive tendering process.  The company had clearly recognised the scale of the cross-cultural challenge which we faced, and demonstrated a strong and intuitive affinity with all our staff, of all nationalities, from the outset.  In additional to delivering exceptionally well received team building training to our enormously diversified Operations teams, Taylor Clarke’s consultants lived and worked with us, on site, in challenging conditions and delivered bespoke solutions to a wide range of social, behavioural and cultural issues.  Yemen LNG Company has now matured to the stage where these lessons and values are being delivered by internal resources and this is directly due to the quality of coaching, training, guidance and facilitation which was delivered by Taylor Clarke’s multi-talented and highly versatile team.  We continue to apply the lessons learned, and are a stronger organisation as a result.

Phil Campbell

Yemen LNG Company



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