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Pauline Holland

Pauline Holland

Consultant & Coach

Professional Background

  • Pauline has senior management experience within the UK’s voluntary sector and over 12 years experience as an Organisational Learning & Development Professional
  • For the last 4 years she has provided external consultancy support to leaders, teams and organisations primarily within the public and not-for-profit sectors

Coaching Experience

  • Pauline has been coaching leaders and managers for over 10 years
  • Examples of recent coaching clients include: Head of Service (Health & Social Services); Executive Team Member of a Non-Departmental Public Body; Executive Team Member of a global high tech company; Development Manager of a Voluntary Sector organisation; Glasgow City Council managers; Foreign & Commonwealth Office managers
  • Best Successes as a Coach: (i) successful transition to newly promoted leadership role in a highly challenging environment; (ii) enhanced skills and insight in managing a chronically dysfunctional team resulting in more balanced and realistic approach to team work ; (iii) increased people skills for a highly gifted technical manager leading to promotion

3 Words that have been used to describe Pauline as a Coach

  • Challenging
  • Insightful
  • Supportive

Training and Qualifications Relevant to Coaching

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Coaching
  • MA Advanced Organisational Consultancy
  • 2 year Human Relations & Counselling Skills Programme