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CPD for Executive Coaches

Workshop 1: “Bottom of the Pile?!”

As Executive Coaches we quite rightly put a real focus on our clients, ensuring we are ‘match fit’ as we turn up to see them, and giving them 100%. But do we do the same for ourselves? Or do our busy lives mean that we never quite get round to – looking after ourselves, taking some time out, quietly reflecting and making sense of our work and its impact, and recharging our batteries. This first workshop in a CPD series, all led by Wendy Robinson, starts with what is often left til last! - ‘self-care’ for the coach. This is a core requirement of being an effective coach, often needing ‘evidenced’ for accreditation purposes. And of course, by really taking care of ourselves, we are modelling that for our clients and their organisational systems. In this workshop Wendy will present a framework for how we can think about self-care. In the safety of a small group setting, we will explore what self-care means for everyone, and the barriers to it. We will also experiment with self-care techniques, enabling each coach to leave with clear take-aways, which will build on the workshop. And, the workshop in itself is a wonderful ‘time for me’ experience!

Taking care of ourselves as coaches - bottom of the pile?!

Workshop 2: Coaching Leaders through Mid-life Transition

We all go through different life stages, this is normal human development.  How do we understand, and support, leaders and executives who have gotten to the stage where they are asking themselves: ‘what is my wider purpose as a leader?’, ‘what legacy do I want to leave?’, ‘what is the meaning in what I am doing?’  This workshop will present a way of thinking about such transitions, in order to support leaders better as an Executive Coach.

Workshop 3: Building Leaders’ Resilience

Resilience is an ever growing area of interest in today’s organisations.  In this workshop we will present a Model of Resilience for Change, and consider how it can guide us as we coach managers and leaders – both for their own resilience, and in building others’ resilience.

Workshop 4: Applying Tools from Transactional Analysis as an Executive Coach

Transactional Analysis provides a host of user-friendly concepts, tools and models for the Executive Coach.  In this workshop Wendy will present some key tools and models, which she has found to be useful in her coaching practice; she will illustrate them in practical ways, such as demonstrations, enabling you to take away immediate learning for your own coaching practice.  


Wendy Robinson BSc MSc Ch Psychol

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Wendy is an Accredited Executive Coach (AC) and an Accredited Coaching Supervisor (with the Coaching Supervision Academy in London, with whom she gained her Diploma). Her original training was in Psychology and she has been a Chartered Occupational Psychologist since 1995. She has now been training executive coaches for around 10 years. She adores ‘all things coaching’ and sees it as a privilege, to be able to work alongside coaches of all experience levels, to support their learning and development, and of course, their self-care! She heads up AoEC in Ireland and N Ireland, and is Principal Consultant with Taylor Clarke, an OD and Leadership Development Consultancy.

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