Denison Culture Survey

Do you have a clear culture driven pathway to performance?

Is Culture on the board room agenda?


Many of the organisations we work with see organisation culture as a clear and important choice and one based on a strong belief that organisation culture over time can be …

  • defined, measured and managed

  • adapted to align with their chosen Vision and strategic direction

  • a reliable predictor of future performance

  • a significant factor in how easy or hard it will be to execute your chosen strategy

  • a major source of competitive advantage that is very difficult to copy


For these organisations decisions around culture and how to shape it carry a similar priority to the more readily accepted strategic imperatives of Mission, Vision, Strategy, Operating model and Values….they see them as interconnected.  As organisations develop, improve and grow these “Big 6” levers of performance can carry a different priority at different stages in the journey and it is often culture that is left till later on and treated separately when in reality aligning your vision, strategy, values, operating values up front bears fruit. For other organisations culture can be a more subjective, even nebulous concept and while something that is felt to be very  important, they often struggle to develop a common language around culture to fuel the debate in the first place. This makes it difficult then to connect culture clearly to business performance and work coherently and practically with understanding and shaping the aspects of their culture that are enabling and hindering their performance.


In our Organisational development consulting, leadership and management development, change management, board development and  executive coaching work we have always seen culture as a key performance lever. However in 2010 Taylor Clarke formed a close partnership with Denison Consulting to strengthen our ability to help organisations measure and track cultural change, develop aligned culture change initiatives and measure the impact…..and look more effectively at change, leadership and performance through the lense of culture

Pathway to performance

We use a flexible 7 step process based on the Denison culture model to help organisations diagnose, plan and execute a series of initiatives to impact culture and improve strategy implementation which often becomes an integral part of their strategic planning process.

Our experience

In the last 5 years working with over 20 organisations in the private, public and voluntary sector we have combined the Denison approach with our own suite of Organisational development interventions developed over the last 2 decades. Sector experience includes drinks, manufacturing, packaging, printing, higher education, oil and gas services.

The Denison Culture Model and 360 Feedback

The Denison Model is the result of over 25 years of research by Dr. Daniel Denison, formerly of the University of Michigan Business School, and currently Professor of Organisational development at IMD - International Institute of Management and Development in Lausanne, Switzerland, on the link between organisational culture and bottom line performance measures such as a return on investment, sales growth, quality, innovation and employee satisfaction.

The model is the basis for two related diagnostic surveys, the Organisational Culture Survey and the Leadership 360 Development Survey, developed by Daniel R. Denison and William S. Neale which have been used by over 5000 organisations worldwide.

The model measures four essential traits of all organisations: Mission, Adaptability, Involvement, and Consistency. Each of these traits consists of three indices (for a total of 12). The index items are derived from a series of individual survey items.

The Denison organisational Culture Model and Leadership Development Model share the same basic traits and indices. While the survey and models can be used independently, organisations that use both tools have the unique advantage of being able to align culture and leadership initiatives.

A collaborative approach

We would welcome the opportunity to spend some time with you and share our deep learning and experience to help you explore your own cultural journey, issues and opportunities……

  • How is culture defined in your organisation?

  • How is your culture currently helping or hindering you execute strategy effectively?

  • How important and urgent is culture to you?

  • Who owns the culture change agenda?

  • What are the external and internal change drivers that may challenge your cultural alignment  in the next 3-5 years?

  • How aligned are your OD/HR/People strategies to your culture goals?

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