Doing More With Less

Amid increasing competitive pressures many organisations are looking to do more with less. This has led to a plethora of initiatives aimed at stretching the resources and capabilities of the business with the aim of becoming more efficient and yield greater returns.

Yet it’s difficult for leaders to know in advance which initiatives to back and which to halt; when the time is right for cost cutting and when it’s right for downsizing; and which areas to focus their attention on for the long term good for the enterprise.

Our work in this area is based on the premise that within any organisation there is a great deal of untapped potential – and that by aligning people, process and strategy, non value-add activity can be eliminated.

Rather than being depleting, this can be enlivening and bring a new creative energy to an enterprise which in turn can increase the discretionary effort of people.


  • Effectiveness Mapping

  • Strategic Alignment Sessions

  • Focussed development


  • Enables prioritisation of initiatives

  • Greater productivity and less change fatigue

  • Support efficiency initiatives by adding in the effectiveness dimension