Excellence in Governance

Good corporate governance enables companies to become more effective and efficient, safeguard against corruption and mismanagement and be more responsive to multiple stakeholder groups. It’s the cornerstone of access to capital and good reputation management.

Improvements in corporate governance – and in particular in the effectiveness of the Board - help companies manage risk and navigate an increasingly complex environment as they work to build a long term sustainable business.

Our corporate governance work operates at the organisational, team and individual level. Sound governance structures support the work to enhance good team processes in the Board and our development interventions ensure individual Board members have the appropriate skills and support as they take up their role.

Our work can result in your Board achieving the difficult balance of providing adequate scrutiny and challenge whilst having a highly productive relationship with your Executive Team. We provide tailored help in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, attending to the inherent challenges in each.


  • Board Effectiveness Evaluation

  • Board Competency Frameworks

  • Board Development Interventions

    • Education

    • Behavioural Coaching

    • Mentoring

  • Stakeholder Agenda Mapping

  • Board/Executive Team Interface Work


  • Improved Board processes around problem solving, decision making, sense making, option appraisal and action planning;

  • Improved stakeholder engagement and reputation management gained by proactively working through multiple stakeholder agendas;

  • Greater Board rigour, scrutiny and transparency;

  • Reduced inter/ intra team conflict within the Board, with the Executive Team and with key stakeholder groups;

  • Increased engagement with employees.