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Working in virtual teams is essential just now and the demands on you and your teams are high.  
As a team leader making time to reflect on how you are functioning as a team will pay dividends in ensuring you are working together as effectively as possible. Celebrate and reward what you’ve got right already and also draw out areas to discuss where you may need to improve.

We are sharing our new Virtual Team Effectiveness Questionnaire.   As a Team Leader you and your team can use this questionnaire to identify what is currently working well in your team and identify any areas for improvement and focus.   It is a free downloadable document. You can download it here (no need to opt-in):

We have also created a corresponding list of our Enhancing Virtual Team Effectiveness Top 10 tips which we have gleaned from our own experience and research over the past few weeks.   These give you some things to consider for any areas where the team may have lower scores.  You can download this here.

  • How to ensure your team are clear on roles and responsibilities

  • ​Hitting your deadlines as a Team

  • Tips for resolving conflict in remote teams

  • Communicating as a virtual team 

  • Developing good relationships within the team

  • How to help your team stay connected 

  • How to have effective virtual team meetings 

  • How to collaborate effectively as a Team 

  • Dealing with different personalities within the team

  • Using technology for effective virtual teamworking 

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