People Engagement

There’s truth in the saying that people don’t leave bad organisations, they leave bad managers. Yet engaging and retaining your most skilled employees and ensuring they stay productive is more than just a managerial responsibility, it also rests at the organisational level.

How to make the necessary organisational shifts to stay competitive in today’s economy whilst retaining highly skilled people is a major challenge of huge scale.

When people suffer from ‘change fatigue’; when they feel that they are not given the opportunity to give of their best every day, and when they are under significant stress in their work, the attraction of moving to where the grass is greener is compelling.

We are experts in aligning and engaging your people to your strategy and organisation. We have a wealth of experience in working with clients to turn around what seemed like deep-rooted intractable employee engagement and relations issues. We work with a number of robust employee engagement tools, however our focus is less on the measurement and more about the action planning and solution development that comes afterwards, so that your people are highly engaged and want to stay and give of their best.


  • Employee engagement and culture surveys

  • Talent Management and Succession Planning

  • Strategically aligned development

  • Internal Communications

  • Team Development


  • More discretionary effort, less churn and greater buy in to your strategic direction

  • Increased levels of customer satisfaction

  • Reduction in days lost due to stress, illness and poor productivity

  • Improved employer brand leading to higher calibre recruits

  • Greater innovation through enhanced employee input