Building Personal Resilience

In these unprecedented times building our personal resilience has never been so important. We want to share our knowledge and insights to help you so that you can help your loved ones, team members and others in your community.

We are sharing our 5 Step Resilience Model to help you take practical steps to build your resilience.

It is a free downloadable PDF containing practical guidance on steps you can take to build your resilience. You can download it here (no need to opt-in):

The Five Step Resilience Model shows you how to:


  • Identify the specific things that are stressing YOU right now

  • Reflect on how each are making you feel

  • Consider how you could reframe the challenges

  • Take practical actions to help you to feel more in control

  • Access more positive feelings to build your resilience

We hope our 5 Step Resilience Model will help you build your ability to cope so you can support and help those around you.

Stay socially distant, safe and well.

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