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Network Rail

Network Rail
We worked with Network rail on a leadership culture project.



Client’s need

We were asked to asked to design, develop and deliver of a series of workshops and one to one coaching sessions with Janette Anderson, Director Scotland (now CEO at First Engineering) and her direct reports to create a new leadership culture within the top team.

How we helped

This work was a collaborative project where Laurence Clarke worked closely with Janette Anderson who was a new appointment and who wanted to have a top team that took more responsibility, were more proactive and worked together better as a team to make collective decisions and take collective responsibility.

We helped the top team to look at a new model of leadership and determine the behaviours that would entail. These were explored in the workshops and then individual participants were given one to one coaching as appropriate to help support them as they made the required changes to their behaviour.

The Impact

The acknowledged success of this work in terms of its impact on the functioning of Railtrack Scotland led to Laurence Clarke being asked to coach main board directors of Railtrack in London. During that aspect of the assignment he acted as a sounding board to help them think through the issues involved with managing in a complex, highly political environment and look at how their personal effectiveness could be enhanced.

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