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Fife Council

Fife Council

We worked with Fife Council on their community planning leading & learning programme.



Client Requirements

Fife Council co-ordinates a Leading and Learning Programme on behalf of the Community Planning Department and various other public sectors organisations in Fife.

These include Fife Police, Fife Colleges, Fife Council, NHS Fife and other voluntary organisations.

The Programme is open to senior and middle managers and has run for 3 years. It is recognised as a key contributor to partnership working within the Fife region. The programme includes a mix of 4-day master classes such as Strategic Thinking or Influencing; optional assignments; 360 feedback and profiling; and Action Learning Sets. Each participant is expected to have a mentor throughout the 12 month programme to help them develop skills and provide them with a source of support, challenge and new perspective.

The matching of mentor and mentee is carried out by Fife Council once mentors have been sourced. However, finding suitable and sufficient mentors within the Fife Region has proved challenging in the past and some mentoring relationships have not been entirely successful. Some training for both mentors and mentees had been provided in previous years but there was a desire to change how this was delivered.

Our Contribution

Fife Council worked with Taylor Clarke on the basis of improving the skills of mentors and mentees in order to highlight the significance and value of mentoring within the leadership programme plus start the programme more effectively.

A number of short workshops were delivered using the franchised materials from the Clutterbuck organisation. These workshops were designed to have both mentor and mentee participation as it is believed this increasing the understanding of the responsibilities and roles involved in the relationship.

The Impact

Most mentoring relationships were found to be effective and the course handbook was being used as a good point of reference. All workshops received extremely high participant ratings which point to our facilitation expertise and content knowledge.

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