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We worked with Diageo on our global distribution and supply planning team development programme.



Client Requirments

Diageo is the world's leading premium drinks business and operates on a worldwide basis. Taylor Clarke was asked to help the newly formed team get up and running at maximum efficiency as soon as possible. The team had been created to implement a particular set of logistics solutions for the organisation as it sought to drive down the costs of operating globally. The new team was a virtual team co-located in Scotland, London, USA & mainland Europe, Holland. The team’s remit covered the USA, Europe, the Eastern Bloc, Latin America and the Far East.


The team played a key part in Diageo’s global strategy, so it was agreed that the priority was to get it functioning well as quickly as possible. Specifically, we were asked to help:

  • To bring together a disparate group of people to form a team
  • Build trust and openness to ensure problems were dealt with quickly
  • Have a clear, shared understanding of what was needed to be done and in what time frame
  • Establish key critical actions to ‘kick start’ the team development project and keep it on time throughout its lifespan
  • Build a skill set to help facilitate the implementation process for the set of required logistics solutions

Using our expertise in team dynamics and group process expertise we designed a series of team development workshops lasting between two and four days every three months. Early sessions helped everyone in the team better understand themselves and their role in the team.

Later sessions focused on specific skills development, action planning and target setting. The project review sessions focused on what had happened over the elapsed time since the last review and had an element of sharing of knowledge and experience of similar situations leading to consideration of what might work and what might not work for the next stage of the project.

The Impact

The evaluation and follow up stages, showed the benefits listed below:

  • Delivery of expected (significantly stretched) targets
  • Savings of circa £2m
  • Integration of IT, Logistics, Planning and Operational delivery into one cohesive team
  • Several ‘clients’ won over to a completely different way of working (supplier managed replenishment meant giving up control of stocks)
  • Fluid and very dynamic handling of changing circumstances (merger ongoing)
  • Several team members took on responsibility for learning about and covering areas outwith their perceived area of expertise
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