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Recruitment Project

Recruitment Project

Manager Recruitment Project for Offshore Installation.



Client Requirements

Aker Kvaerner Operations deliver facilities and operations management services to the oil and gas industry. With a high focus on increasing production efficiency, optimising operational costs and increasing project value, Aker Kvaerner is aiming to be the preferred operations management contractor in this market

We were approached by their Human Resources department to help out with the appointment of a key role within the business. The position of Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) was to be filled through an internal promotion. With a number of candidates keen to apply for the role, Aker Kvaerner approached Taylor Clarke to act as an independent external expert to advise and support an objective selection process.

The project was commissioned against a backdrop of a highly competitive and buoyant job market within the UK Oil and Gas industry, a stable and maturing workforce within the company, and an extremely high focus on safety. It was important to develop a thorough process that would maintain the motivation of all candidates during and after the assessment process completed, whether they were successful or not.

Our Contribution

We worked with a small team of internal managers and HR staff in a three phase project.

  • Phase I: Develop recruitment competencies.
    Taylor Clarke completed an interactive process which was intended to cover the main elements of the tasks that a successful incumbent would need to be able to handle, and also to try to highlight some of the critical incidents that a highly successful job holder would need to handle once in post
  • Phase II: Design of the recruitment process.
    To maximise the reliability and validity of the process it was decided to design a full one day assessment center. The components of the assessment day were designed on the back of the role analysis. It was crucial to ensure the assessment activities had a high level of face validity, to make them relevant and acceptable to both the candidates going through it and also to be seen to be fair and objective by all stakeholders involved. Although Taylor Clarke provided independent trained Occupational Psychologists to act as assessors, we were also keen to make sure that the experience and knowledge of the current management team was utlised through their involvement with the assessment process.
  • Phase III: Complete the assessment day.
    Starting at 08.30, all the candidate who had applied were put through a number of assessment activities. These included an analysis of a safety critical incident, dealing with a typical staff issue, as well as other activities looking at key areas of competence. The day was designed to ensure that there was sufficient time for a thorough review of all candidates including final decisions to be made before going home.

The Impact

From initial discussions we were able to complete all three phases of the project within 4 weeks from beginning to end. The impact of this was to minimise the period of uncertainty for all the candidates; to help the business complete this business critical change in a timely fashion (hitting a limited window of ‘onshore’ availability); to minimise disruption to business as usual activity; and to ensure an objective and reliable recruitment decision.

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