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Organisation Effectiveness & Development Consultancy

Organisation Effectiveness & Development Consultancy

We work in and across organisations. Our work attends simultaneously to the four critical layers within an organisation: the individual; the functional unit; the wider strategic unit; and the organisational entity.

We see the interconnectedness of different parts of the organisation – so when we are working at one level we are alert to the effects this has on, and is impacted by, the other levels in the organisation. Our work with clients is often necessitated by factors in the external environment.

At each level, we work with issues of culture, leadership, management practices, structure, skills and mindset and the way these factors impact that particular level.

Individual: At this level, we work with leaders to become more effective in leveraging the human dimensions of their organization by releasing the potential in their people. Our work with leaders is in the service of strategy execution and live organisational problems so we are mindful of the organisational context in our work. We help leaders find their authentic leadership voice and support them as they move up and through the organisation.

Functional Unit: At the Functional Unit, we work within teams to help them attend to the human factors that can get in the way of business-critical projects being delivered on-time and on budget. Our work with teams often attends to the management practices and processes that are impacting on the team’s performance – often working to identify the unintended consequences that these have on a team meeting its objectives. We work on team climate and help teams realise their full potential whilst making their work more rewarding and fulfilling.

Wider Strategic Unit: Our work with the wider strategic unit often involves working with issues of culture and sub culture. We have deep experience of working with leaders at this level who are juggling the sometimes competing demands of the organisational expectations on them and the customer/business unit needs. We also attend to the structural tensions inherent at a business unit level in balancing organisational consistency with sufficient flexibility to enable innovation.

Organisational: At the level of the organisation, we look to the vision, mission, values and strategic direction of the whole enterprise and look at the impact this has on the other organisational components. We factor in issues or market position, geography, life cycle and competitive environment.

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