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Hogan Certification Workshops: Become Qualified to interpret and feedback results

Open House Hogan Certification Courses Facilitator Gorkan Ahmetoglu with August 2015 Participants Bev Miller, Cassie Woolgar, Paula Suttie, Hazel Mackenzie and Laura Neale

Here at Taylor Clarke, as well as providing the tools to assess and interpret results through one to one feedback sessions we also sponsor the Hogan Certification Workshops which are facilitated by our partners Mentis.  The course is specifically designed for executive coaches, HR directors or generalists, organisational development or training professionals, and industrial/organisational psychologists looking to become certified in the administration, interpretation, and implementation of Hogan assessments.

The two day workshop provides an in-depth understanding of how to administer and interpret the three Hogan Assessment Systems; HPI, HDS & MVPI.

Day 1 provides an in-depth understanding of all three Hogan inventories.

Day 2 allows participants to practice implementation and providing feedback for the assessments.

The programme consists of both theoretical and practical components designed to examine:

  • What is personality and why is it important?
  • The socio-analytic theory behind Hogan Assessment Systems
  • Identity vs. Reputation; personality from two perspectives
  • Development & validation of the Hogan constructs (& comparison with other psychometrics)
  • The development and scale by scale interpretation of the three Hogan tools
  • Identifying interrelationships of constructs across the instruments
  • Developmental recommendations associated with each scale
  • Proven applications (and validation) of the tools for selection and development

Participants will receive:

  • An official Certification number recognized by Hogan Assessment Systems to administer and interpret the HPI, HDS and MVPI
  • Course materials supporting for a business-focused interpretation of results
  • CD Rom containing technical manuals, course material and feedback and literature for organisational effectiveness as well as personal development
  • A complete set of the LEAD series of reports generated from each participant’s online responses to the HPI, HDS and MVPI
  • A set of logon details which allow a volunteer to complete the HPI, HDS & MVPI online and generates the LEAD Series of reports

To allow for practical experience after the course, delegates will receive an additional set of logon details to allow a volunteer from their personal or professional circle to complete the Hogan Inventories online.

In addition to open courses we would be happy to explore an in-house alternative.

Open Courses

Course Price The fee for the UK course is £1,500 + VAT
Venue Taylor Clarke, 4 Fitzroy Place, Glasgow, G3 7RH

23 -24 August 2016


If you are interested in assessments and feedback sessions or in attending the workshop to become qualified, please contact Margaret Finnie on 0141 221 1707 or email


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